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From 1/2" to 3/4" Thickness

Engineered Wide Plank Flooring

Our engineered flooring starts with a strong and stable foundation of Baltic Birch plywood.  In our standard 2-layer construction, we use a Baltic Birch or similar plywood at the choice of our customer.  Our 3-layer construction utilizes an Amercian-made solid wood core of cross banded, domestic hardwood slats sandwiched between our sawn wear layer and hardwood veneer backer.


The wear layer, or face of the floor, is sawn from lumber provided by our customer or purchased to match customer grade requirements.  The wear layer is pressed onto the Baltic Birch core using a Hot Melt PUR (Polyurethane) adhesive.  Our equipment was chosen to provide flexibility in manufacturing custom widths, lengths and thicknesses.

Quality milling comes from precision tooling and attention to detail.  Armenia Mountain Plank & Panel focuses on quality over quantity and utilizes diamond tooling to assure milling accuracy.


Based on customer requests, AMP&P now offers the same precision milled flooring and paneling in solid wood.

Dimensional Capabilities:

Thickness: 1/2" through 3/4”

Widths: 4”-12”

Lengths: 12” through 16’

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